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Coming To You!

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Singapore's First Premier P2P Carsharing Platform


We are Singapore's first premier P2P Vehicle Sharing platform.

Our founders strongly believes in the positive effects of technological advancement and truly feels that Exudor would bring tremendous value to the people of Singapore.

Do take the time to look through our website to learn more about us!

About Us


Our Mission

We are committed to building a sustainable solution to the problem of expensive costs of buying/renting/running a vehicle in Singapore.

We strongly believe in the advancement of technology and the application of it to improve daily commute for all.

With our goal being clear, to provide safe and quality vehicles for all to use without fear. At the same time improving the economy and the environment one rental at a time!


What Do We Do?

We are building a P2P Carsharing Platform for all to use. 

P2P Carsharing is generally a new concept that was popularised in the United States, however noting that Singapore is ranked number one in the world for the most expensive place to buy/rent/run a vehicle, we strongly believe that our platform will bring value to many Singaporeans.

Did you know that a vehicle is typically 65% under-utilised. 

In Singapore, 11,520,548 of unused car hours per day. 


Why Us?

We are young company starting out with very little resources, however we have a motto "Customer Comes First Regardless". 

We strongly believe that without YOU, we would not survive. We treat all our customers equally with respect.

Our founders started out this company with a clear goal in mind, every move that our business makes, HAS to be a Win-Win for all parties involved.

Our Services

Our Value

Our Partners



Vehicle Servicing & Grooming

Vehicle Servicing & Grooming

We have partnered up with an insurance agency in Singapore to provide all our renters and vehicle owners with the peace of mind during a booking, 


Vehicle Servicing & Grooming

Vehicle Servicing & Grooming

Vehicle Servicing & Grooming

We have partnered up with a vehicle servicing workshop to ensure that all our vehicles are safe to rent and would return in 110% condition to the owners.



Vehicle Servicing & Grooming


We have partnered up with a petrol station to provide cheaper petrol prices to all of our users. Thus one does not need to stress on rising oil prices.

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